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Production Line Inspection De-Gating, Trimming and Assembly - Factory 2

Assembly, trimming de-gating and packaging are all done as the parts come out of the mold in most cases, unless a part requires some special purpose assembly equipment then those part go to our special assembly room in factory 2.

Production Line Inspection De-Gating, Trimming and Assembly - Factory 1

On our production floor our operators inspect every product that comes out of the mold, they work as a team inspecting, de-gating and assembling parts together. Every shift change all our staff attend a meeting to discuss the work that has been done and anything that they should be made aware of before commencing work.

Assembly Room - Factory 2

Our assembly room is situated in our second factory,, we bring parts from both factories to be assembled. It is equipped with all the tools required for quick assembly. Speed screwdrivers, jigs and special purpose tools for the parts that are being put together.

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