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Computer CAD System

Design Software

Mold Assembly

We have been designing and making mods for over 25 years, many of our customers are leading appliance manufacturers, having made molds for Hitachi, Panasonic and Sony, gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience while doing so. We have the expertise to produce molds of quality and precision ensuring every part we manufacture is precise in its color and dimension.

EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine) Engineer

Engineer Setting Miller

Vertical Milling Machine

We use some of the very latest engineering technology to make your molds, our Computer controlled CNC machines and EDM Electrical Discharge Machine are the best on the market. All our engineers are both highly qualified and experienced in machining and making injection moulds.


CNC Mold Making Machine Engineer

Our engineers perform two duties, one is to make and repair molds and their other duty is to maintain all our customers molds. We offer free maintenance to all our customers, ensuring your mold is still as precise and efficient as when it was new, any mold that has reached its recommended shot  amount is striped and fully serviced.


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