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During the many years that we have been manufacturing injection molded parts, we have built a reputation of reliability in both quality and delivery.


We pride ourselves in the service we provide to our customers, producing their products to the quality they expect and delivering them on time. We are able to do this because of our highly efficient fully automated injection molding machines and the inspection and quality controle that we enforce during our manufacturing process.

Vacuum Cleaner Head

Pin Hole Filter

Vacuum Cleaner Body


Gauze Filter

Plated Latch

Motor Fan Cover

Materials & Quality Control


We continuously monitor all our customer’s products for their quality and dimension, using the very latest technology we periodically test parts during the product process to ensure that there is no discrepancy in its precision and color ensuring that every part we manufacture is to the quality you expect.


Our material store is well stocked with the most widely used Thermoplastics, we carry and abundant stock of PVC, PVC Rubber ABS, Polyethylene, as well as many plastics pigment colorings. We have a great many suppliers who can supply us with materials that have special properties, if your products need to be anti-static or none combustible.


We reclaim all we can from our production rejects and runners, nothing goes to waste. We minimize on the amount we allow to be mixed back in with the pure materials, always conscious that our customers products quality is kept as they expect while considering cost savings on manufacture.


Delivery on Time to the Quality you Expect


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